Damon Albarn

Well, indeed… Everyday Robots isn’t exactly a direct record. It’s very abstract at times, like in ‘Hollow Ponds’. The dates flow through the headphones like you’re flicking through the pages of a photo album, or a series of snapshots from your life. The heatwave, ’76…the A12 link road, ’91…

DA: I think the role or the objective of a good songwriter is to write something incredibly personal and private that somehow becomes more universal. I mean, I always use this example, and it’s a ridiculous comparison, really, but when Tammy Wynette wrote ‘D.I.V.O.R.C.E.’, it was a very personal thing to her, but now it’s become something everyone can take on. I can only dream of having songs that have that kind of universal appeal, but the principle’s the same.

Damon Albarn ao The Quietus.


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