Courtney Love

Pitchfork: There’s a band called White Lung, and the singer Mish Way references you often, and one of my friends did an art exhibit last year called “Are You There Courtney? It’s Me Margaret”.

CL: Really?

Pitchfork: In what way would you hope these younger female artists are inspired by your music and personality?

CL: I’d hope they achieve some sort of mainstream success, so people start picking up instruments again. Because there is a reward for it. The beauty of the Nirvana moment was that it was a band succeeding on their own terms. The White Stripes have done really well on their own terms, and Jack White hasn’t had to make a note out of place. I was inspired seeing Queens of the Stone Age had a #1 record in the U.S. I think commercial success is really important. It means there are more people listening, and you’re affecting the zeitgeist more. If only a hundred people know you exist, it’s harder to get your message across. Mainstream success is important—that’s probably anathema to an indie publication like Pitchfork, but it’s what I believe having experienced it personally.

via Interviews: Courtney Love | Features | Pitchfork.


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