What is philosophy still excluding?

The point I am making is one that is most unfamiliar to Marxists and to social democratic liberals, but that will perhaps be more familiar to both anarchists as well as to a certain variety of wistful conservatives. It was indeed made forcefully by the archconservative Australian Catholic poet Les Murray, who complained of “that sanctified anti-rural prejudice that goes right back to classical times and which no antidiscrimination law or postcolonial rhetoric ever protects you from—so to hell with those.” But we do not need to go along with Murray’s concluding malediction in order to accept that there is such a prejudice. It is a prejudice that philosophy continues to accept without reflection, on the presumption that to give it up would be to lapse into the non-philosophy of anthropology or Folkloristik. But the prejudice excludes a huge section of humanity, and sustains in particular an artificial bias in favor of the present, as the present is the age of the most intense urbanization in human history.

via What is philosophy still excluding? | berfrois.


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