How Twitter empowers liberal trolls

For those groomed on Common Core math, this means that if you had invested $10,000 in December, you would have already lost more than $5,800.

Although a fan of Facebook, I never much trusted Twitter and have used it only sparingly. So I was surprised about a month or so back to find my “Notifications” box cluttered with cryptic messages that seemed to be attacking me from the right.

A little naïve, I sent a polite email to the sender asking what he was hoping to accomplish and received a snippy, cryptic response in return.

Doing just a little digging, I stumbled into a sad, nasty little underworld of whose existence I had been only dimly aware.

As best I could figure, a small corps (pronounced “corpse” in Obama-speak) of liberal trolls had concluded that I was the co-leader of an extremely effective group called the Tea Party Fire Ants (TPFA) who had been tweeting under the name “Frank M Davis JR.”

For reasons of his employment, that individual remains anonymous. As I have since learned, he is a very bright, media-savvy guy from the East Coast who goes by the name “Proe.”

via How Twitter empowers liberal trolls.


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