No The Singles Jukebox hoje, uma blurb sobre “Dangerous Days”, da Zola Jesus:

Danilo Bortoli: Nika Danilova has always seemed to be fighting something in her career so far: the structure of the songs she sang were the enemy, always creating a dialectical movement. At one side, there it was, the oppression of her mechanical sounds. At the other, there was her voice, struggling be heard in a loud tone. “Vessel” is the symbol of this moment. “Dangerous Days” tries to fix this apparent dissonance; it’s, in its heart, a pop song (something she’s been saying since Taiga was announced), and a very good pop record. She’s not fighting anything here, mainly because Zola Jesus finally found her inspiration in nature — and, therefore, seems to be trying to capture it. And while trying to portray her fascination, she (and she can deny it as much as she wants), ironically, reached out to the pop music she’s usually dooming in order to create this lush, ambitious wall of sound. And this is what is so great about “Dangerous Days”: she could only make this song, a record so full of meaning, while finally enfolding what’s on the radio.


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